GJ Coop at David Saddle, Nelson Lakes National Park

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GJ is the man

I fell out of love.

With my career, just as I was almost successful.

With my gorgeous soulmate, who changed and started to demand that I change.

I stood at that crossroads, as they say, of Should and Must.

The Should of living other people’s expectations. The Must of following my true path.

Oh, I changed.

Or, more correctly, spent time peeling back the layers that you accumulate in life, getting back to my more authentic self. To a life I envisaged as a youth, with simplification high on the list of requirements . . .

Now permanently resident in Nelson, New Zealand, a true Paradise, and balancing life and work, creating content for the digital realm.

Currently “researching” my website tramping.net.nz about a means of hard yakka transportation suited to the hills of the South Island: feet.

And documenting a few of those recent Little Adventures via ebook.

A bloke who realised that he had to truly experience life, rather than just dream about what might be.


Nelson, New Zealand | July 2021