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An arresting image gets attention.

Text keeps it.

Writing for the digital age, coming up with words that people actually want to read, has the same basic requirements as other writing forms.

Have something to communicate. Get to the point. Be concise. State things that people might say, oh, that's a bit interesting, or amusing. Have a few twists up your sleeve. Realise that if there's waffle the likelihood is that click in another direction.

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The style, in a word. Sharp.

Hot water cylinder

A replacement hot water cylinder had languished in my living room for many months, getting comments from visitors about my new sculpture, and then, much later, “Oh, that lump is still here”.

author: GJ Coop | posted | 12 June 2023

Living room transformation

The exposed beams and rafters in my living room were a vexation to my spirit. They had to go.

author: GJ Coop | posted | 10 November 2022

Rakiura, trip 11, I think

The Northwest Circuit has been my go to tramp for winter expeditions on many occasions.

author: GJ Coop | posted | 12 September 2022

South Marlborough, second time around

Mission accomplished, but after staggering over Blind Saddle six times in the past five years, up 1200 m from near sea level, perhaps I’ll avoid this area for a while.

author: GJ Coop | posted | 12 September 2022

Mid-winter 2022

Much better to do something positive, particularly as my body is starting to show wear and tear, and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to crack out these two week + expeditions.

author: GJ Coop | posted | 12 September 2022