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Achilles update

Spending almost four weeks away from home, routines were disrupted for my Achilles tendon tear rehab progress.

My physiotherapist suggested five exercises to build up strength in my torn tendon, which I followed for two weeks or so. Then, another two exercises were recommended, and the previous ones cranked up 10%. Rather than rush the rehab, patience is required.

Do too much and tendinitis, ie, pain in the area was a possibility. During my first month of rehab, I made steady progress with no resultant pain.

Before my departure, I was a few weeks ahead of expectations and was even able to do a few single heel raises to the full extent.

So far, so good.

When travelling, predictability came to an end.

No biking.

Plenty of walking was the main rehab exercise.

Every day was more than 6000 steps on uneven terrain, with sporadic days considerably more.

One day, I spent quite a few hours clambering around on Mount Taranaki, with some time on a steep, greasy, overgrown track and plenty of climbing and descent.

Another day I had some serious beach walking, mostly on hard-packed sand.

However, many of the exercises were temporarily abandoned.

Now, back home, I’ve started them once again.

But progress was slowed. Some tendinitis has started, maybe due to my 12,000+ steps a day, including hill climbs.

Back to the slow and steady improvement, rather than the on-and-off again regime of the recent past.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 02 April 2024
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