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Here are a few popup image galleries from my travels.

The New Guinea and Indonesian images are from the pre-digital days, prints were scanned.

Click on the thumbnail to open the gallery. Navigate by clicking on the left or right side of the image.

New Guinea

These 14 images are from two trips from my youth in the 80s to some remote parts of New Guinea.

The first, 4 months, started with walking the Kokoda Trail, on a boat out to Rabaul, hanging out in the highlands, then a week in a 10 kina canoe on the Sepik River. The second, a couple of weeks trip with a malaria control party on a river near Keramu on the south coast, then another two weeks getting to the traditional longhouses at Lake Kutabu.

New Guinea image slideshow


20 images from a trip spanning the country east to west: Jayapura in Irian Jaya, Biak, Sulawesi, Bali, Java, then hitchiking up Sumatra via Lake Toba to Medan.

Stewart Island/Rakiura, New Zealand

Wanna get away from people, civilisation in general, head back in time, take the ferry from Bluff at the southern end of the South Island and head to Stewart Island. Only 400 people live down there, 11 km of roads and 85% of the island is Rakiura National Park. Nice.

Outback Australia

A few random images from random wanderings across that vast continent.