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Here's a few websites that have been created by bluelake.

The design has been intended to be unnoticeable, not get in the way of presenting the content, she's all about the content, the images to gain attention, the writing to hold it. | my own Get Work website

Nelson Building Reports has been created in a different way from the other websites. It started as a very different looking fully responsive template, that came with a few aspects that didn't need to be built from scratch, like the slide out menu and stacking columns.

It has been primarily designed for how it will look on a phone sized screen, up to 414px of a iPhone 6+, but looks acceptable on a full width desktop screen, 1680px. That's the way website design is going, I hope it can last a few years.

Nelson Building Reports website screenshot | Diana Coop Conservation

paper conservation New Zealand is bluelake's first website to be completely optimised for small screens from the initial concept.

It works on the big screen as well, and loads like a rocket.

Diana Coop Conservation website image | a few almost epic tramps in the South Island and Stewart Island

tramping New Zealand is a guide to some long distance tramps in the South Island and Stewart island. With most of the useful stuff about tramping, various long distance routes, mountain passes, huts, hut passes, etc. has around 900 pages of unique information.

tramping new zealand website screenshot | 20 epic bike adventures in Australia is a guide to 20 of the best long distance bike touring trails in Australia. An in-depth, full-on, all-you-need-to-know, but not hand holding, account of the useful stuff. has around 1200 pages of unique information.