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Diverted off to

I’ve been busy. Not here though.

One thing has been trying to update my websites’ coding to the latest software. That’s not quite as easy as you might imagine.

Answering questions on my favourite website;

Well, I have stories, and decent images to illustrate them. Might as well share my knowledge.

A selection of recent examples:

1. Outside my comfort zone.

2. Recent, ie, 2000+, music recommendations.

3. Hiking across New Zealand.

4. Swimming holes of Australia.

5. Furtherest discernible object on the surface of the Earth.

6. Iconic New Zealand animals.

7. Crossing dangerous rivers.

Plenty more where they came from.

At least on Quora people a reasonable number read them.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 07 June 2018
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