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Hot water cylinder

My water supply pipe from the street had been leaking, and I organised to bypass the leak by getting it rerouted up the side of the house. This finally provoked my inaction on my poor hot water situation.

My home life has changed appreciably by replacing the 40-year-old gravity-pressure hot water cylinder with a mains pressure unit I bought from my neighbour.

This had languished in my living room for many months, getting comments from visitors about my new sculpture, and then, much later, “Oh, that lump is still here”.

The cupboard in the middle of the house where the original cylinder was located due to being close to the now-removed wood burner didn’t work with the mains pressure variety that required drainage to the outside. Locating it in a bedroom cupboard reduced storage there, but freed up space in the wider hall cupboard.

Suddenly my shower is almost acceptable, rather than a dribble.

Now why had that taken so long?

author | GJ Coop | posted | 12 June 2023
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