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More—1000+ views x 53

More energy spent on writing for Quora rather than here.

Oh, and work. Plenty of writing in that regard as well. Making hay to fund my future travels.

Some of my recent answers have been getting views. What I consider a lot of views.

I didn’t really consider an answer a success unless it hits 1000 views. 53 of my answers have reached that point, with my most goofy answer getting over 150k. That’s from a total to date of 309 answers.

My latest is on the “desolate” nature of the Outback. Is the Australian Outback really that desolate? My answer claims not, that is unsurprisingly at variance of all others answering the same question.

Bah!! City dwellers, with their romantic views of their country.

Upvotes are harder to come by, of course people have to actually care.

But the next few weeks will see me put some energy into converting my websites into secure https sites. This is long overdue considering I paid good money for the privilege last year, but the process for changing the security is not quite straightforward as it might seem.

My worksite, is working. As is this one.

I still have to convert and

Plenty of work on my homepages at tramping and bluelake to be done as well.

I’ve almost reached Alice Springs with my first major revision for my e-book, zzOz, zig zag across Australia, that I’m currently turning into a paperback. It’s quite fun to be reliving the experience of my 21-day crossing of the Great Central Road in Australia.

Yeah, always something to do.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 22 July 2018
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