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Rakiura house and car

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My backpackers was closed for renovations when I returned. The kitchen undergoing renovation was supposed to be finished by then, but the lockdown had stymied their plans as well.

We were still in Level 3 lockdown. I was installed in the staff quarters.

No hurry to move on, because while I could technically return home under Level 3 regulations, I would be required to expedite my travel, and would only have 48 hours to make my journey home to the other end of the South Island.

Instead, if I waited until Level 2 I could squeeze in another decent tramp on my way. That seemed a better proposition.

So, I had nine days sharing accommodation with a few professional divers, who worked on the salmon farm in Patterson Inlet/Whaka a te wera. Interesting to learn some aspects of this vocation, but maybe a week was actually sufficient.

Spending time in Oban without any tourists was great, but no surprise, it rained most days.

Did I care?

Man, did I need respite from carrying a heavy pack?

author | GJ Coop | posted | 09 October 2021
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