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Opape campsite

When you are travelling, the weather becomes a bigger issue than around home. You are out in it much of the time.

It’s been variously windy and drizzly for most of my travels.

Mostly windy.

Waking at a beach camp in the eastern Bay of Plenty, there is a new feature.


It’s not frost cold, but it’s not what you really expect in March in the north of the country.

Plenty of condensation for those in a tent.

It helps to put a tent up under a tree as then the dew doesn’t form as much on the outside.

But with damp ground, there’s a bucket of condensation on the inside.

The beachside location makes up for it, and in any case I’ll hang the tent out later in the day to dry out.

I’ve spent many nights in various tents over the years, particularly in Australia during my cross-continental bike riding, which must have added up to 7—800 nights.

A lot.

I sleep well despite close contact with the ground. My Thermarest Proline might be considered too heavy and bulky for tramping these days, with lighter alternatives available, but it’s good enough for car camping. At least my sleeping bag is heavy-duty.

No problem dropping off to sleep.

But it is out with the beanie and hoodie in the morning an hour before sunrise.

Time for a coffee before this expedition continues.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 April 2024
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