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Tane Mahuta

New Zealand has a few memorable places.

Truly memorable.

Standing in front of Tane Mahuta, “Lord of the Forest”, an up to 2500-year-old Kauri tree is one of them.

I sat for a while contemplating life and engaged in conversation with two Canadians who were similarly awestruck.

I mentioned that a particular branch had fallen off in 1138, when the tree was already over 1000 years old. Of course, I made that up, but it might have been true.

I sat in the same place almost twenty years ago with my partner. It was just the blink of an eye for the tree.

Meanwhile, the Myrtle rust is slowly killing off other specimens that hadn’t been cut down more than 100 years ago.

Yeah, Kauri dieback.

A sombre witness to our rush to distraction.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 April 2024
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