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Week 13 | Achilles tendon rehab

The end of Week 13.

That’s a quarter of a year, the length of time I need to rehabilitate my torn Achilles tendon.

The healing part is almost over.

It’s now a long period of increasingly demanding exercises to get back to full strength. I’d like to return to Burn Creek Hut in November.

That’s the plan.

I’m visiting my excellent physio about every 10 days to get additionally stressful exercises.

I’m able to do three reps of ten injured-leg calf raises, although not yet all in one go. I’ve been adding a 12 km bike ride on the flat as well as averaging 7000 steps a day.

I am not yet into hill climbing, although I am climbing the 70 cathedral steps twice a day.

That’s as much for the rest of my body as directed specifically to my damaged calf.

Only another 39 weeks to go.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 21 February 2024
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