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Wellington, ie, civilisation

Living in a relatively isolated town where everything becomes exceedingly familiar, well, breaking out every now and again becomes important to mental well-being.

Christchurch gives an anonymous option. Wellington is visiting family predominantly.

Wellington, here I come.

After my ten days in a tent in Abel Tasman, it was time to switch modes. Unfortunately, a huge storm with 9 m waves in Cook Strait stopped the ferries in the interregnum, and that suggested I should postpone my social trip for some time. Like months.

Encouragement came with a suggestion that a flight that very day was relatively inexpensive, and on a calm, cloudless day, flight conditions couldn’t be better.

I walked around to the airport to get my steps in for the day, and shortly thereafter was looking out to the Mount Fell ridge in the Richmond Range Forest Park.

I’ve been there! My favourite day of tramping.

Time for some socialisation.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 10 July 2021
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