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500,000+ hits at

1,250,000+ hits!!

Having been working in a serious way on this website stuff about six years, I thought I’d do a reconciliation of how effective it has been. After all, I’ve put a fair effort into documenting my Little Adventures.

I originally had my bike touring blog up on someone else’s website,, the hits sailing past the half million mark there some time ago, even if they are now stagnating somewhat.

My own websites are still going strong, now comfortably over the half million, still with traction, at times clicking over 1000 hits a day, my now surpassing on a regular basis. Something has clicked with Google in recent months with tramping, I’m generally on the front page of any search, often immediately beneath DOC’s contribution on the subject. So I’m on my way to nationwide domination there. Adding the extensive Te Araroa pages recently will help consolidate that.

I’ve no doubt is helping to frame the way that people look at tramping as an activity. Unlike remote area bike riding in Australia, tramping is more easily accessible to people in New Zealand, not requiring the time commitment of the Great Central Road, or Cape York, for instance.

Tramping is less niche than bike touring, there’s plenty of upside, even from the 400–500 daily hits that I’m achieving now in the middle of winter.

Almost time to figure out the monetisation side of things. At the end of the summer I should know where I stand, at that stage I will have completed about 90% of what is possible, other than documenting my own future trips. The major blank in the coverage today is down the West Coast, better get to work on planning a huge trip through that area.

Might have this summer’s adventure sorted.

Just have to work out how to convert the hits into a similar number of book sales.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 05 September 2015
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