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I can now understand the change of government last year.

The roads in and around Auckland are diabolical.

It took almost four hours to get from Cambridge to Ponsonby for my rendezvous with an old friend, more than twice what would be normally expected.

I’ve learned that the Auckland traffic shemozzle is a real thing, and it is probably worthwhile travelling in the dark next time.

Saturday morning was a real issue with two lanes of the expressway closed, so all traffic congealed into one lane, with the merge taking more than 30 minutes.

My car doesn’t do too well when stationary and comes close to boiling.

Me ditto, so I took the back roads, trusting directions from Apple Maps.

Ponsonby Road isn’t the best place to find parking at lunchtime on Saturday, so I ducked into a car parking building that cost more than either of my campsites to date for the three hours I required.

Time for some lunch before the catch-up.

I bought a $19 sandwich, which was outstanding.

Still uncertain of where I’m heading on my way north, but I’ve learned it’s worth booking accommodation ahead.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 April 2024
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