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With my torn Achilles tendon, exercise is supposed to ramp up to a new plateau every two weeks.

I’m now on Week 16.

My exercise regime back in Nelson was assiduous. Do everything required each day without fail.

That worked.

Steep hills were avoided while strength built up. The various six exercises had their 15 times three reps.

Out on the road, this has not continued. Plenty of steps each day, and continuing with heal lifts.

And then came Taranaki.

I’ve never visited the mountain before, although I’ve flown straight over the summit on a Nelson–Auckland flight.

I might as well take a few days to explore.

A well-equipped cabin at the base of the hill was found.

And then, well, I overachieved in the exercise department. Hill climbing was involved.

The first day had a trip to see the slightly underwhelming Dawson Falls, with a few moments of swamp underfoot, a semi-overgrown trail, and a bunch of new timber steps to the base of the waterfall.

I went up to see the Manganui Gorge pedestrian bridge being built. The pylons and the first cables were in place. It’s going to be 50 m above the stream.

Later, I did a loop to visit the Waingongoro Hut. The ridge route was a semi-overgrown tramping track, so I returned via the better-cut valley tramping track.

Much easier. 20k steps for the day.

The following day, I visited the historic The Camphouse and, after the day before, took an easier route to Maketawa Hut.

Another 15k steps with plenty of climbing up and down involved.

My tendon held up, but I’m not continuing with the mountain goat style in the near future.

I will continue with the walking, where it is considerably flatter.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 11 March 2024
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