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Wellington wedding

It’s a great experience to be involved in a truly joyous occasion.

A wedding.

No. Not my own.

I’m still some distance from making that happen.

Events were spread out over a few days.

Some running around on the day before the ceremony.

An 11 am Friday wedding. Considering the uncertain weather and the exposed nature of the outdoor venue perched high in the Wellington hills, the weather window was sufficient for a smooth launch.

Then, a lunch for the select: immediate family and partners.

The following evening was the celebratory party for 80 family and close friends.

A grand entrance, a few fine, at times heartfelt speeches, a surprise Taiko drumming assault, a sprinkling of cousins, a delicious cake that lasted about three minutes, and some familiar faces from previous Wellington social engagements over the years.

And everyone swept up in the positivity of seeing the raw love of the betrothed.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 11 March 2024
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