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Proof of Life Tour

Being still encumbered by my Achilles tendon rehab, no major exercise was allowed for this summer.

Or autumn.

It’s a 10% ramp up of stress for two weeks, then repeat.

Nine months after the injury I’ll take to the fairly level Abel Tasman Coastal Track with a light pack to test it out.

Plenty of rehab in the meantime.

It was inspiring to meet old friends at Russell and Jo’s wedding last year.

Why not have a North Island grand tour? I haven’t done that since I returned to New Zealand 11 years ago.

The car was packed up for a three-week circuit. Tenting where possible, as I’m totally used to that.

It’s time to check out a few old friends and re-introduce myself to the rest of the country.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 11 March 2024
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