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Heading south, finally

After an inordinate period of time, waiting for my car to be repaired to get a new Warrant of Fitness, it’s a power steering issue that has put me in a queue for repairs in the small city I live in, well, it’s almost time to go.

The six websites’ migration is complete. Most sites are fully updated. That should see them right until the next big change arrives. The new servers are faster than before, and hopefully fully secure. So, hooray for that!

Terrible weather would have hindered my exit in any case. Both Westport and Marlborough have been hit by Flooding of the Century, so the postponement of my proposed Heaphy Track/Leslie–Karamea, has possibly saved my life, particularly with the unbridged Kendall Creek crossing. Anyway, getting to the start of the Heaphy is currently a major issue, with buses to Takaka only running on Monday and Friday afternoon, arriving 6 30 pm, and so requiring an overnight stay.

Car repairs are due to happen tomorrow after an eight-day wait, so here’s hoping no parts, and hence further delays are required.

Just as I predicted the recent run of poor weather, I am now predicting a period of great weather. It would be useful to take advantage of that. On the other hand, life doesn’t always work out the way you might wish.

Seems sensible to have another shakedown trip, like the South Coast Track, around a week, prior to my biggie, a circuit of the Northwest and Southern Circuits on Stewart Island/Rakiura, that I’m hoping can be spaced out to three weeks. That’s a bit of food to lug, at least initially.

No hurry in either circumstance, but I am looking forward to all the freedom that is involved.

I’m planning on a 2½ months escape, and only returning when I fail to cast a shadow.

Think of it as “research” for my website.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 19 July 2021
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