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8 am winter gloom in Nelson

I'm outta here

After two months of sorting out my life, and some procrastination, I eventually departed Nelson for a serious break down in the deep south of the country.

Time had been spent dehydrating dinners, and much tramping equipment has been replaced. I’ve been back in the country eight years, so my tent and sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pack, etc had received a fair thrashing.

One of my issues was getting a Warrant of Fitness for my elderly car. The power steering had a fluid leak, apparently, so it was failed. Does that really make a car unsafe? I hadn’t noticed any change to the steering.

Only one garage specialises in that in my town, and I had an 8 day wait due to a backlog of other problem cars. $1500 later, and the testing station refused again to accept their work.


$1500 was as much as my geriatric car was worth.

I was advised to take my car to a different tester.

They couldn’t believe that the car had been failed, and squeezed me in at 8 30 am the next morning.

No worries. I was away.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 09 October 2021
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