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GJ Coop at Slaughterburn Hut

South Coast Track | July/August 2021

After limited decent exercise in recent months, the relatively flat South Coast Track seemed a sensible choice for an initial excursion for my winter trip tramping season.

I’d been there before, three years earlier, and it has some great open Southland beech forest to cruise through. And a surprisingly muddy track as it seems it was smashed up by 100 groups of four racers of the Godzone race back in 2018.

You never think that it’s going to be as terrible as it is, but I was reminded of the horror of some parts that can’t be circumvented. Still, you forget quickly as well. It wasn’t so bad.

No other people were likely to be met, and, in fact, as it turned out. I had one night with one couple, and the penultimate night with a solo woman out of my 11 nights.

Unfortunately, heavy rain meant I spent a lot of time waiting for the weather to clear in one hut, Waitutu Hut.

My blog about this trip is here: South Coast Track blog.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 09 October 2021
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