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Lake Monowai route guide

My tramping website really needs a makeover. The front page has a few changeable elements, but much of it has been there for seven or so years.

Much has been altered behind the scenes, with an updated hosting server required that caused a major amount of work, as did the change from HTTP to HTTPS.

But my primary enthusiasm is to add content rather than modify the existing.

When I look at my tramping travels over the last years since returning to New Zealand in 2013 on the large LINZ map of the north half of the South Island that hangs on my bedroom wall, my tracks cover a significant amount of territory in a loose web.

The south part of the island is also well visited.

Rakiura has no more un-walked tracks to offer. Southland is extensively covered.

The latest route added to, the 39th, has been the Lake Monowai area.

Mid and South Canterbury, along with Otago, are patchy, but I should be able to ameliorate that this summer.

Still much to see.

Then I can move onto the North Island.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 24 October 2021
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