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Out of town. The North Huxley River basin

Out of town

In the last year I’ve spent plenty of time in the New Zealand backcountry. Almost three months in total, on a number of different expeditions.

Hiking has always, well, since I was 14, been a significant part of my life. Now thinking about it, even when I was younger much time was spent rambling around.

No idea why this has been the case. Maybe the ease at which you can get into the hills in behind Nelson. The sense of adventure. Actually, the actuality of that adventure.

It helps that I have no qualms about being by myself on my Little Adventures, and often for extended periods of time.

No, loneliness is not an issue.

When I make it to a hut, I breathe a sigh of relief if others are elsewhere. Mind you, if one or two are around I’m full of conversation, and enjoying the company. More than that, and I’m liable to end up in my tent.

I’m really enjoying my new liberty.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 27 April 2022
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