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The joy of camping

The joy of camping

My first tramp of the summer took me up onto the tops, and over a more than 1800 m saddle.

I was carrying a heavy pack filled with supplies for later in my trip, and my little tent. It became apparent I needed to take the first couple of days easy. I also wanted to spend time camping in my tent.

My third day had a high level of energy expenditure, and being blown away by a possible camping site, thought I might as well really experience, the, err, experience.

I’m glad that the calm atmosphere, cloudless skies, smooth and spongy snowgrass, and handy tarn for my water supply all contributed to one of my finest camping spots. Truly memorable.

But the next six nights were encased in more robust accommodations that separated me more from the elements.

Camping can be exhilarating.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 27 April 2022
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