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Nelson to, umm, the Lewis Pass, or, 20 days of sunshine, (2 days of rain)

Just added another writeup of my most recent trip into the hills: just walking straight out the door here with a mission to complete the Alpine Route this summer after having the odd issue this time last year, ie, my you-beaut boots turning into the slightly more fashionable, but not at all practical, moccasins.

In the end when I trudged into St Arnaud 14 days later, and the weather report for continuing a-mazing weather, I just kept on keeping on, three more big passes, eventually ending up on Day 22 at the Lewis Pass.

“Gee, that word “steep” is getting a workout today. Maybe I’d better remind readers that the word steep is defined in NZ tramper’s vocabulary as “a slope of sufficient angle as to require squeezing the juice out of the tussock” but today there was scant tussock to grab, for the most part those scree slopes had nothing fixed with which to cling.”
Day 19 | Caroline Creek Bivvy

Yup, a great Little Adventure.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 23 April 2014
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