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Peach Cove Hut

I’m somewhat frustrated with the lack of tramping this summer and now that it is autumn, I’m supposed to be limited to indoor exercises.

That’s never really been my thing.

I ran wild on Mt Taranaki for a couple of days, then needed some time recuperating. My muscles were sore for a few days. While the calves are getting a workout, the rest of the body does not.

The Cape Brett Hut option for future travel turned out to be eight hours each way, so that possibility has been postponed.

Peach Cove Hut was an alternative at Whangarei Heads that was just three hours return. I could manage that despite it being after 2 pm when I strode out of the car park. That’s if you can stride with a gammy leg up a steep hill.

It was only a 200 m climb up to the ridgeline on a perfectly manicured track until I dropped over the steeper slope.

Some familiar plant species were spotted, Nikau and Kawhai, which made me feel like I was somewhere north of Karamea.

The sea had a bright blue Mediterranean look, with some glimpses of a large catamaran cruising past.

I took the steps on the steep side one at a time. First, my good right leg, then the left. That might be slow, but it reduced jarring.

The highlight was an enormous kiekie-filled pōhutukawa on the top of a 3 m high volcanic shard, with roots cascading like a waterfall.

Then, the slow clamber up the 850+ steps.

All in all, it was much-needed exercise and a good mental clean-out before my journey through Auckland on the itinerary for tomorrow.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 April 2024
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