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When I found reasonable accommodation in Pahia, it seemed sensible to have a couple of nights.

Once again, I seemed to be the solitary occupant of the whole motel.

Camping is cheap, but not always as comfortable a night’s sleep as with a mattress.


If I had two nights in accommodation with a laundry, I could do some washing.

These are the things you think about on Day 14 of your travels.

But it’s always inspiring to visit the country’s birthplace. Being by myself, I could spend the full morning mooching around.

Seeing the museum for the first time.

Spending sufficient time on a beach looking over to Russell to have ants swarming over my feet.

I went down to look at the remnants of the cabbage trees, Cordyline australis, that the original owner, James Busby, had planted more than 150 years ago and avoided a drizzly period under some pohutukawa trees.

Time for some washing.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 April 2024
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