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Printing with Canon Pro 300 A3+ photo printer

Printing out

On my way home from Lake Ohau, I stopped in at Christchurch for a spending spree and finally bought myself a decent A3+ photo printer, a Canon Pro 300. The idea was to crank out some of my finer images for my walls.

What’s the point of having 250,000 images on my computer if no one gets to appreciate them.

I bought another set of printing inks along with the printer, there are ten cartridges in total to give a better print.

I also bought a variety of styles of printing paper, including some big A3+ sized sheets. When I made it home I found I already had about 100 sheets of quality A4 matte printing paper already in my possession from my days in Australia. That all should keep me going for a while.

One of the limitations of living in a small city, Nelson, population 55,000, is that no shop sells such specialised gear. Certainly no specialised ink cartridges that are specific to this printer, or even photo quality paper.

The quality of the prints are mighty fine. Colours are dense and the matte surface sucks you right into the image.

Interesting some images look better printed than on-screen, and vice versa.

Focusing correctly sure helps.

A computer screen can mitigate that, but doesn’t always prove to be the case when a print is finally ejected.

Overall, I’m super impressed by the results.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 27 April 2022
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