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the cruise to Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island

When I was a kid we occasionally spent a late Sunday afternoon over at Rabbit Island, about 30km from Nelson.

One of the recent NZ official Bike Trails, absurdly called the Great Taste Trail, maybe with 23 of them they were running out of names, heads over that way around the estuary of the Waimea River. That gives a relatively easy 65km out and back trip. It’s easy because it’s flattish, bearing in mind I also have to climb back up the hill once it’s all done, and, you want to pick a day with not much wind because, of course, it’s pretty exposed.

That’s one way to try not to lose too much fitness with this current mostly sedentary state.

The 15 image slideshow gives an indication why Nelson ain’t such a bad place to live, even nearing the shortest day.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 15 June 2014
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