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616 page sitemap submitted to be indexed by Google. hits 616 pages!

616 pages?

That’s quite the website now.

I had a squizz at the site’s history on, that’s commonly called the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, you can see how any website looked at a particular point in the past, and was pleased how far the site has come since July 2013 when it had just a few pages, five tramping tracks documented.

Now it’s getting to the stage where it is looking fairly solid. There’s complete coverage of Stewart Island and fairly extensive coverage of the South Island. With the addition of a guide to Te Araroa in the near future the site will have covered many of the named tracks. There’s probably only half a dozen to go.

With some simple search engine optimisation, ie, following Google’s guidelines, many search inquiries show on the first page, often just immediately under DOC’s listing. And the images are well represented, at least where I’ve managed to create the alt tags, that’s been neglected for the last 1200 uploads, but, well, what else is there to do in Nelson over the winter but whack titles on images during the evenings. Once the captions are finalised I guess there’s nothing for it but to officially launch the site to the public.

Increased prominence with Google’s page search means that hits are still hovering around 10,000 a month, the odd day getting 500, usually around 100 different uses, despite the inevitable seasonal drop off as winter comes around.

Yeah, I know this isn’t enough to achieve any significant income, if I attempted to monetise the site, I guess I need around 100k hits a month to be truly attractive to advertisers.

Who knows where this labour of love will end up.

Time will tell.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 06 May 2015
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