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wayback nostalgia

Speaking of the Way Back Machine’s website I thought I’d check out how my previous career’s website,, now defunct, looked back in the day. Click on that link back there.

It was designed by the talented Gary Venter, at back in 2006 and was deceptively simple. The test of the design is this: that website still looks fresh almost ten years later and there are very few websites you can say that about.

I loved the use of substantial, dynamic imagery and the otherwise minimalist design with an expanse of whitespace, something that was rare at the time, kinda echoing my architectural design sense.

And let me tell you, that’s very hard to achieve.

I felt architecture should simply be an elegant backdrop for how you lived your life, and the website was similarly unobtrusive, letting the quality of my design work reveal itself.

By the way those images on the site are clickable to bring up a larger image. Strange to be reminded how my office, my life, once was.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 06 May 2015
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