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Writing progress

It’s slow work editing a paperback, thinking it’s my legacy for posterity, so the text needs to be as good as I can get it.

A couple of years ago I finished editing the paperback version of Heading West, including the maps. For some unknown reason I never managed publication, and instead moved immediately onto my second cycling book, zzOz: zig zag across Australia. A couple of months ago the text was finished being edited, but due to the time lapse from when I started, it was thought prudent to print it out again, just to check the final copy.

Oh, for some reason the first half was not properly edited. The beginning still has a lot of present tense and I’ve been transferring the action to the past tense. It is reasonable to write a blog in the present tense, but for a book, it really needs to all be in the past.

So, back to editing once again. At some stage or have a final document and publication of the two paperbacks will eventually take place.

It’s a slow process, but, better to get them as good as possible.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 19 June 2021
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