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Been some bigger numbers over the summer.

My long bluelake blog hiatus ends

There’s been a long hiatus on this bluelake blog, but little excuse for my inaction.

Of course there’s reasons.

I started a new business, Nelson Building Reports after designing the website, and, umm, started doing paid work for a change.

I converted to a mobile friendly version although there’s always more work required there, including some tweaking of the CSS, particularly for mid-sized tablets.

I finished my 100 Days of Tramping | Te Araroa e-book which took a major number of revisions, mostly explanations and embellishments, going from 42,000 of base blog to 101,000 words. I’ll make the claim that there isn’t much in the way of waffle, although there is a certain degree of earnestness.

Then I spent much of the summer exploring the nearby Kahurangi National Park, the second largest in New Zealand, initially around the periphery in the north, then the southern bit. There is a huge expense of trackless and difficult to traverse wilderness in the middle.

I’ve added almost 200 pages to the tramping site since I returned. Over summer it’s been getting a good few hits: a few days there’s been over 1000 a day, and that translates to 25,000 hits in the busiest month, January.

More recently I’ve been construction some storage units, bookcases x 2 and a huge shelving unit, so I can finally unpack my books, life, etc.

I’m now back settled once again so I’m hoping I’ll get back into the swing of more regular posts, perhaps catching up all a few gaps.

Stand by.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 10 March 2016
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