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editing Munda Biddi ebook

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It took a year to convert my 100 Days e-book into a paperback. That’s after spending months finishing the original e-book.

I’m now in the process of converting my two other 100,000 word e-books to paperbacks.

Heading West and zzOz, my travels across the Australian continent by bicycle.

Clearly a formative period of my life, although consolidation and even stripping back my life to its basics might be a better description.

I went through five iterations of the e-book to paperback with 100 Days. It’s a similar process with the other two books. Heading West has gone from 60,000 words as an ebook to 105,000 as a paperback.

Perhaps with an excellent editor this could be truncated in time. A second set of eyes, and an incisive mind might be able to cut through quicker, and decide what additional words were needed.

Then again I wasn’t in any particular hurry, and it often takes me close to forever to work out what I am actually saying, and finding the precise words to express myself.

The soon-to-be-published paperbacks are as close to realising my hopes for the books as I can make them.

No more changes. I’ll live with whatever is printed on paper as the definitive version.

Just need to update the e-books accordingly.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 01 March 2018
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