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named Top Writer on Quora

Top writer 2018!!

No fake humility. I was surprised.

I hadn’t really done much to stand out on other than having a few views but fewer upvotes than others on many of my answers.

119 followers. Maybe with 10,000 you are starting to make a name. 1000 is just getting noticed.

I put it down to a few answers on West Papua, or Papua New Guinea, that no one else is writing about, or quite a few more answers on New Zealand or Australia where the other answers tend to be correct, but flimsy.

My answers do the things they are supposed to so they would rank well with Google. They answer the question, usually, and back it up with my reasoning. I cross-reference anything to Wikipedia or some other authoritative information source.

My answers are super easy to read, and usually state something others might not have considered, that makes them interesting as well as informative.

And they are unfailingly polite, and respectful of the original question. No cynicism. Generally acknowledging their privileged point of view.

And breaking up the answer into easy to scan bites.

I’m not surprised the answers have been appreciated. But I am surprised my answers have been seen.

There are two benefits.

I was offered a year’s free subscription to the New York Times that I have failed to take up. Reason: I don’t need any more USA imperialism. We are flooded enough with that viewpoint already here in New Zealand. Okay, multiple American viewpoints.

The biggest benefit is that I do not get any advertisements. I’m well-trained to have a blind spot to them, but all the same.

Yeah, no ads is a real bonus.

author | GJ Coop | posted | 24 February 2018
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